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The documents are primarily intended to illustrate certain remarks and themes in the text. Innocent III orders the archbishop of Tarragona to investigate various complaints of the bishop of Lleida against nobles and parishioners whom he claims had unjustly appropriated tithes and other rights pertaining to the church of Lleida, Lateran 18 April 1200. Innocent III to the archbishop of Tarragona and his suffragans that they should protect the person and the goods of the widowed Queen Sancha. Innocent III informs the archbishop of Tarragona and the bishops of Vic and Urgell of the complaints of the bishop of Lleida concerning their retention of churches belonging to his diocese, ordering them to return them. Innocent III urges Archbishop Pedro of Compostela and Bishop Garcia of Tarazona to procure a union between the kings of Spain in order to halt the advance of the Moors.