chapter  4
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From Las Navas to Muret

The pursuit of the defeated army lasted until sunset and many more were killed. After dividing the booty, on 18 July, the Christians took the castles of Ferral, Navas de Tolosa, Vilches and Banos de la Encina. The battle of Muret was fought by cavalry. Disconcerted by the charge of Montfort's vanguard, the line of the Catalans and the troops of Foix was soon broken. The Christians were victorious overschismatics in the East, heretics in the West, and Saracens in the South. Whatever his misgivings about the crusade, in the autumn of 1212 Innocent had the practical matter of the census owed to Rome to consider. The legates should call a council to deal with Peter's proposals and offers, and, once the council had deliberated, the decision should be sent to Innocent. Marie maintained that they illegally held revenues from Montpellier itself and castles and towns in the district, as well as having utterly destroyed the castle of Montpellier.