chapter  5
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The Minority of James I

An explanation of the conflicts that would develop during the minority of Marshal James is hampered by the dearth of contemporary chronicles but we are not entirely at a loss for information. The legate was henceforth to have the additional task of establishing James in his kingdom. On 23 January 1214, Innocent informed Montfort by letter of Peter's imminent arrival, and ordered him to restore James to his kingdom so that his guardianship could be arranged. Simon de Montfort was instructed to hand James over 'in manibus legati'. This was more than awareness on the pope's part that the count was unwilling to give James to the nobles of the crown. During the summer, Peter sent messengers throughout Aragon and Catalonia to convoke, in James's name, a Cort that would be held at Lleida, the most obvious location, since it was a seat of government and councils and central to the united realm.