chapter  13
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Case Example 1: Initiating a Major Retail Project

For this chapter, the sections are organized as follows: the chapter begins with a brief introduction to Tesco’s Branch Specific Ranging (BSR) project and a summary of the flux of events leading up to the situation of concern in February 1996. This was also the start of MW’s involvement in the project and the next section presents his initial reading of that situation from several different perspectives. In short, MW’s brief was to help the team develop a conceptual model of BSR for a one-store trial and this was to be done through a 2-day workshop scheduled for April 1996. Against this background, the next two sections explain how the workshop was planned and facilitated using some of the images and ideas from earlier chapters, together with a summary of the main events and what happened next. Finally, at the end of the chapter, there are some reflections on how the ideas helped in this situation and how they link back to earlier chapters.