chapter  5
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Ŏtch 'ŏngbae - From the Past into the Future

Unlike their south-western counterparts, at some point in history, the East Coast mudang adopted a new approach to territory and began to travel large distances in order to gain bigger client bases; the concept of loyalty to the immediate client community became weak. Presumably, it was a desire for more employment, wider recognition and greater profit that motivated the ritualists to look beyond their own communities and fill newly appearing vacancies in parish-style communities further and further from their own home places. * At the same time, the communities themselves must have responded by becoming less and less reliant on their own resident mudang. Eventually, the small parishes grew to become far larger areas of mudang territory known as 'mudpkworf (lit. 'mudang work area'), the service of which required the ritualists to adopt the travelling lifestyle that they still maintain today.