chapter  19
Choosing the correct approach
ByMike Robson, Ciarán Beary
Pages 5

It goes without saying that it will be important for facilitators to think carefully about, and to select the most appropriate way of structuring their approach to the people they are working with, whether they be individuals or groups. There are some general rules regarding this, and there are a number of other considerations that relate more to the individual nature of the customers. Because most people are almost entirely task-oriented, as opposed to process-oriented, there will be a natural expectation that anyone who is involved, whatever their title, will contribute directly to the task at hand. If someone avoids this without any explanation, it will certainly lead to confusion, and probably frustration and annoyance as well. Facilitators work with individuals in the role of developer. Sometimes this is a purely individual process, and on other occasions it involves leaders of problem-solving groups.