chapter  2
Understanding the facilitator role
ByMike Robson, Ciarán Beary
Pages 11

People are different in many ways and one of them is their preferred method of learning. The traditional assumptions that were made about learning gave the responsibility for the process to the teacher or trainer. It is assumed that 'teacher knows best', and that the role of the 'student' is to listen, memorize and be able to repeat. The manner in which the facilitator achieves the objective of developing people and helping them to improve their performance is basic to understanding the role since it is different from traditional approaches. Most people are at least adequately equipped in a technical sense for the job or task that they have to perform. In fact most people are more than competent in this respect. Whether working with groups or individuals the facilitator's main aim is the self-sufficiency of the customers, the idea that they carry on with the process of development having the knowledge, skill and motivation to do so.