chapter  4
Understanding individuals
ByMike Robson, Ciarán Beary
Pages 12

Change, if it is to be facilitated rather than simply imposed, requires us to try to understand those that facilitators are dealing with in a number of respects. Facilitators in the business of helping people to achieve practical improvements in their performance, rather than in their psychological state per se. Facilitators, however, can utilize Maslow's work in a very practical way in understanding the likely motivations of their customers. The importance of this for the facilitator is that understanding the 'representational system' of the people facilitators are dealing with gives us a valuable clue about the way that they think. The message for facilitators is clear; facilitators should be very wary of accepting an apparent lack of desire on the part of the individuals that facilitators are dealing with. This chapter explores some of the important dimensions that will help us to understand the individuals that facilitators are dealing with.