chapter  4
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Heteronormativity and Sexual Coercion: Adolescents Practicing Gender

Adolescence is a particularly important period of physical development and sexual exploration, a time when concern with intimacy and sexual relations is often brought to the fore. This chapter focuses on adolescent dating violence. A form of psychological violence reportedly used by both boys and girls were verbal put-down other than name-calling and controlling behavior. Physical acts such as slapping, hitting and punching were described as a 'normal' and familiar part of adolescent relationships. Instances of sexual violence most often took place on dates, at social events such as parties or in the homes of either boy or girl. The creation of gender difference through discourse was most strongly apparent in the narratives on sexual violence. Heteronormative sexual relations present an either/or submission to the coercion and 'prove' their love or resistance and possible loss of a boyfriend with all the emotional upheaval that such a separation may bring.