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The Sources for Morning and Evening Prayers

Elizabeth Tyrwhit's Morning and Evening Prayers are set within this rich context of change and continuity. Like the traditional Books of Hours and the various sixteenth-century private prayer books, her Morning and Evening Prayers are copious, drawing from and expanding upon the scriptural, liturgical, and devotional materials that were available. The opening sentences for morning and evening prayers, the Gloria Patri, and the Lord's Prayer were staple elements of the Sarum Rite, the order of service first used in the diocese of Salisbury and later throughout England. One important component of Tyrwhit's Morning and Evening Prayers, as indeed of the Books of Hours and the Book of Common Prayer, is the psalms. Tyrwhit compiled her prayer book from the Bible, traditional liturgies and Books of Hours, Lutheran primers, humanist psalms, and original poems. Identification numbers assigned to each component of the 1574 and 1582 prayer books are listed in the Comprehensive Table of Contents in appendix A.