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Texts Composed by Elizabeth Oxenbridge Tyrwhit

The text probably dates from the fifteenth century with additional pages and binding dating from the mid-sixteenth century. Christopher Barker and Henry Middleton's editorial hand can also be seen in various compositors' errors, a clear example of which occurs in the "Godly Sentences" where the eighteenth proverb is omitted in the 1574 edition, an error that anyone who has copied a text can readily recognize. By contrast, Thomas Bentley appears to have been a conscientious antiquarian who took great pains to preserve the texts that were already rapidly disappearing in his own day, although he may have made some changes to vocabulary and the rhythm of the poems. Bentley placed Elizabeth Oxenbridge Tyrwhit's prayer book prominently in his second lamp, immediately following selections from the royal Protestant trinity of Elizabeth Tudor, Katherine Parr, and Jane Grey Dudley. The Monument version of Tyrwhit's prayer book contains nearly a quarter more material than the 1574 version and is organized quite differently.