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Editorial Procedure

Signature indications, as well as page numbers in the 1582 edition, are given in the text between square brackets. The author has not followed prose lineation and has omitted hyphens where they serve only to divide a word at the end of a line. When a word is broken across a page, the author has ignored the hyphen and placed the complete word after the signature mark. The changes of fonts are not indicated. The majority of the text in both editions is printed in black-letter typeface, with running-titles, headings, and preliminary and concluding materials usually printed in roman typeface. Footnotes gloss archaic and obsolete words and explain unusual constructions. Thirteen copies of Elizabeth Tyrwhit's Morning and Evening Prayers in Thomas Bentley's The monument of matrones is extant, and all have been collated for the edition. The copies at Chatsworth and the Huntington Library represent the earliest state of the text, with one error corrected in all subsequent imprints.