chapter  5
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Planning Investigations and Legal Background for Tough Interviews

Although the liar usually chooses the battleground, appears to have all of the advantages and believes he can win or escape, the balance is always in favour of the effective interviewer, providing he plans carefully. Successful interviewing is 95 per cent planning including:

• having clear objectives on the way the case should be resolved and the ideal outcome; • knowing and complying with the law; • fully understanding the case and every piece of evidence and intelligence that relates to

it; • having a clear theory on who and why the fraud happened and the key points that support

it; • having a sensible resolutions plan, showing who, where and by whom the investigation

– and the interviews that form part of it – will be conducted including the place and timing of the ‘fi rst step’, when the suspects will be confronted, preferably by a simultaneous ambush.