chapter  4
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Transformation of the Ideological Environment and Deng Xiaoping's Rise

At that time, nobody dared to Hua's 'Two Whatevers' because the Chinese people had been indoctrinated into believing that Mao ~v·uv••"' and his Thoughts were infallible. Deng clearly saw the 'Two Whatevers' '-''-''-'VHJLHl)', the obstacle to the redressing of the Cultural Revolution, which was the precondition for a different route to economic development. To counter Hua's 'Two Whatevers', Deng Xiaoping wrote ·a letter in 1977 to the CPC Central Committee before he was rehabilitated and proposed to employ the conect and whole Mao Thought to the party, the army and the

in China's socialist construction 1983, pp.35-6). n must be clear to that Mao's legacy was so powerful that he had to work within the

in 1977, made a speech, future work with the correct and undistorted Mao '-'"'''"V''"'

1111 Fuii trust in the public; <~~ Seeking truth fmm facts; and <~~ Promoting democracy.