chapter  1
32 Pages

Implementing Human Factors in Maintenance: Individual, Organizational and Collegiate Perspectives

ByManoj S. Patankar, James C. Taylor

This chapter describes how mechanics were able to apply their human factors training to change their individual behavior. It discusses specific ways to implement human factors principles at the individual level. The chapter also describes how certain organizations were able to garner support to implement and sustain human factors/safety initiatives. It explains how human factors training could be incorporated in a collegiate aviation maintenance curriculum. The chapter explores the factors that contribute toward the success of human factors programs. It also discusses the factors that contribute toward the failure of human factors programs. The chapter analyses the implications of the Federal Aviation Administration's Advisory Circulars 120-16D Air Carrier Maintenance Programs and 120-79 developing and Implementing a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System from the perspectives of organizational change and commitment. It reviews some of the topics typically covered in most awareness-level courses and focus on the implementation of those topics, from a behavioral perspective, at three levels: individual, organizational, and collegiate.