chapter  1
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WithH. David Akroyd

The agriculture sector embraces crop and livestock production, forestry, fishing and the production or provision of agricultural support services such as extension, credit, input supply, tractor hire, adaptive research, veterinary, produce processing and marketing services. Macro-economic development goals concern 'what' a government is seeking to achieve in terms of national development. Development policies relate to 'how' a government hopes to realize those stated goals, that is the policy measures a government intends to adopt in order to realize those goals. The Commission of the European Communities (1993) has adopted a six-stage approach: indicative programming, identification, formulation or appraisal, financing, implementation and lastly evaluation. Taking the completed project preparation report as a starting point, the appraisal process concerns the verification and fine tuning of the planned project concept in the light of the sector policies and goals of the government.