chapter  9
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Implementation and Supervision

WithH. David Akroyd

The appraisal and loan processing stage having been completed, projects and programmes move into the implementation and supervision stage of the planning cycle. Alternatively goods may be supplied in kind by the agricultural credit institution or agricultural development bank. Structural and sector adjustment loan operations tend to have a planned disbursement period of about three years and it is usually envisaged that loan funds will be quickly disbursed. Co-financing is an arrangement whereby several Lenders fund the same project. Advertisements of requirements will also be placed in other appropriate technical and trade publications. The case of international shopping the Borrower will be authorized to seek quotations from suppliers in at least three regional member countries (RMCs). Supporting documents will also be required by the ADB Group as for those required under the reimbursement method. Supervision missions are essentially review missions and each mission team will comprise staff with disciplines relevant to the project under review.