chapter  2
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Title Pages with Compartments or Devices Not Included in ‘McKerrow’ or ‘McKerrow and Ferguson’

Of the Italian books described in this volume there are title pages whose compartments or devices are not listed in Ronald B. McKerrow, Printers’ & Publishers’ Devices in England & Scotland 1485-1640 [cited as McK. in the main text] or Ronald B. McKerrow and F.S. Ferguson, Title-page Borders Used in England & Scotland 1485-1640 [cited as McK. & F. in the main text]. They are printed here in facsimile if they are difficult to describe in words to support the bibliographical information in the text. The typography, decorations, and other details are significant in the study of cultural connections between the authors, printers, publishers, and patrons in England. These title pages were scanned from the original. The shelfmark for each, together with the STC or Wing identifier, is indicated on the facsimile.