chapter  3
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Graphs of Italian Books Printed in England According to their Genre 1558–1642

For example, as was the case with the Elizabethan period, not many plays were published: only eight plays were printed during our period (see Figure A3.2). One is a tragedy, Roxana (§440); another is a mask, Cœlum Britanicum (§447); two are pastorals, Aminta Englisht (§428) and Il pastor fido (§288); the rest are comedies: Labyrinthus (§455), Ignoramus (§435), Cupids Whirligig (§330), and Albumazar (§369). It is worth noting that three out of eight plays were in Latin and also that there was a text for a mask. They suggest that the play texts under our definition were printed with educated readers in mind.