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Co-authors’ closing: the rebuttal

ByJohn Carr, Lori Beckett

This chapter describes the lessons to be learned about teacher union research from the samples of documentary research. In regard to the establishment of An Chomhairle Mhúinteoireachta. A Teaching Council, the achievement and maintenance of self-regulation was based on the premise of internal struggle which involved convincing teachers of the value of self-regulatory control. It encompassed persuading the general public and particularly the government that a self-regulated profession contributes to the development of a sound education system and enhances children's learning. Such a research-informed strategy should hold in regard to Cosán, Droichead and myriad other issues of professional concern in the current conjuncture. The Irish National Teachers Organisation has been evidently engaged in edu-politics over the years, which speaks to the historical significance of teachers organising around the major ideas of the time and how they came to take particular stands. The chapter also presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book.