chapter  2
21 Pages

Introducing Vere Foster (a key figure in Ireland’s struggle)

ByJohn Carr, Lori Beckett

This chapter discusses Vere Foster, who followed his efforts on assisted emigration schemes after the Great Famine by using his own wealth to finance the improvement of nascent dilapidated national schools across the island of Ireland. Foster worked towards the end of his letter with critical discussion of other perennial issues such as teachers' housing, monthly rather than quarterly pay for teachers, pensions and retirement arrangements and school requisites. Foster continued to work with teachers, enacting his vision of how an association of teachers can effect policy advocacy, and on this occasion the original primary documentary record is to be found online. According to Moroney, the Payment by Results System recommended in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Primary Education was implemented in Ireland in 1 September 1872. Chamney's concern with 'official power and authority' portends a useful image of the teacher in the second of his lengthy long-winded essays under the 'Status of the Teacher'.