chapter  13
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Percentile Ranks Test of Pragmatic Language

A percentile rank indicates the percentage of a norm group who scored equal to or lower than an examinee.2 Here's what Jennifer's percentile rank of 88 means: Jennifer's raw score (number of correct answers on the test) is as high or higher than the raw scores of 88 percent of the examinees in the norm group. (The norm group is often a national sample used to derive the percentile ranks.)

Background Notes

The Test of Pragmatic Language is an individually administered test that measures pragmatic language, which the test makers describe as "how language is used socially to achieve goals, and includes issues such as how communication is affected by different contexts and audiences, how messages are composed most effectively, and how different types of messages are put to best use." Among the groups for whom it is appropriate are examinees with learning disabilities, language disorders, reading impairments, and aphasia as well as students who are studying English as a second language.