chapter  4
The Narrative—The Continuation Page and Follow-Up Report
ByLarry S. Miller, John T. Whitehead
Pages 31

This chapter discusses the continuation page, follow-up report, and supplementary report or material as one because they have in common a need for narrative style. The Presentence Investigation Reports of probation and reports of parole officers may go directly to judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Most occurrences in the criminal justice system are recorded in sequence of time and in the past tense, since they have already occurred. The person who arrives first at an incident may record a time of arrival several minutes after persons who arrive later. Many criminal justice system agencies use the military style of time to avoid confusion between a.m. and p.m. Almost any report submitted in the criminal justice system, a school or class, personal correspondence, or private industry can be organized under a few main headings, and these, in turn, may be divided into subheadings.