chapter  6
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Making friends for life

Session six: growing happiness
WithErik van den Brink, Frits Koster, Victoria Norton

This chapter offers practices to strengthen our sense of common humanity. It focuses on how other people are different from us; we actually have much more in common than differences. We all wish for happiness and freedom from suffering. But it is equally important to savour the joyful moments in life and not just to focus on our burdens. If we learn to kiss joy as it flies, we can appreciate it as long as it is there. The experience will also stick better in our memory, so we can remember it. Sit or lie down comfortably, being mindfully present, allowing the breath to soothe. Think back to a recent situation when we saw something that filled us with joy? The chapter draws two other qualities of the heart, sympathetic joy and equanimity, into the spotlight. It refers to these heart qualities as the 'Four Friends for Life'. Gratitude connects us with the meaningful life.