chapter  4
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Think right

Help your child think their way to high performance by flexing those learning muscles
ByWendy Berliner, Deborah Eyre

There are five broad groups of advanced cognitive performance characteristics - meta-thinking, linking, analysing, creating and realising. Meta-thinking allows children to be aware that they have a repertoire of skills - an intellectual toolbox - to dip into and the self-awareness to know which tool is best to use for the job. Linking is a set of characteristics in which children link things they have learned. Advanced performers tend to be careful and logical in their approach to work even when being creative. Creating helps children cope independently when parents and other adults are not there to help solve problems. Realising relates to efficient learning. Even the highest academic performer is not interested in everything at school but tends to do well across the board anyway. They do so by using these thinking characteristics to do well in areas of learning that do not attract as well as the subjects they like most.