chapter  5
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Behave yourself

Developing human values, attitudes and attributes associated with success at school and in life
ByWendy Berliner, Deborah Eyre

There are three broad groups of values, attitudes and attributes - empathetic, agile and hard-working. Empathy has its roots in understanding and sharing the feelings of others. The ability to collaborate is a key skill in life and is one of the reasons people have prospered as a species. Concern for society has never been more important in this fractured world. For children to grow up to be truly successful, high performing and fulfilled in whatever they do, they have to develop a moral compass - a sense of what is right and wrong - if they are to be successful leaders in whatever they do in their work, family and personal life. Children and teenagers who perform highly tend to be intellectually confident and are often also socially confident. Curiosity is what gets people interested in learning and children are born with a great deal of it. Advanced cognitive performance allows a successful journey towards mastery of a subject.