chapter  6
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Making the most of school as a parent

Including parent types and the high performance learner
ByWendy Berliner, Deborah Eyre

The education of the young needs to be a three-way partnership if they are to become high performers. Research suggests that the young child who is confused about whose rules they are meant to follow can become very distressed and this can lead to mental health problems in the worst case scenario. As children get older they can get less communicative, particularly during adolescence when they are forging an identity. The key is to continue to take a real interest in what they are doing at school. Some teenagers drive themselves at very high speed, very successfully, down many different roads because they know how and when to take their foot off the accelerator and give themselves a break. Parental expectations start young and persist throughout the school years. Chillingly, the expectations of parents predict educational outcomes more accurately than any other kind of parental involvement with school according to the Child Trends analysis.