chapter  7
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The three ages of learning

How to help your child make the most of them, including the tricky bits
ByWendy Berliner, Deborah Eyre

This chapter focuses on how parents can support their children at different stages in their development. A parent is a child's first and longest serving teacher. Drawing, painting, modelling - all are the more obvious forms of creativity, one of the big attributes that aid high performance learning. But so are the imaginary worlds children create with their toys or stories. Adolescence is the period broadly defined as from the onset of puberty to the time when parents emerge into stable adulthood. It is a period of breathtaking brain development which has its effects on this emerging young adult. A small number of schools are moving away from traditional homework. In 2016 Inverlochy Primary in the Scottish Highlands town of Fort William abandoned homework altogether after a vote by parents and children. Instead of homework, the children are encouraged to read books and comics that interest them and to play.