chapter  9
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The missing link in education that costs children success at school
ByWendy Berliner, Deborah Eyre

Over the last century the human race has made great strides forward in its achievements despite having the same bodies and brains as in the previous centuries. IQ scores have gone up markedly across the developed world since 1930. But some of the most striking improvements in the level of performance over time are in sport, where today's world records may be as much as 50 per cent above those of a century ago. The debate over whether intelligence comes from nature or nurture, or both, has rolled on for more than a century. Research has been going on to try to isolate the gene for intelligence since the human genome was finally mapped in 2000, but no one gene has been identified as being responsible for intelligence yet. High performance learning takes the characteristics of high performance in people deemed to be gifted and talented, and allows any parent to help any child to succeed at school.