chapter  I
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The Teacher in the Act of Tuition

Teaching may be studied in any situation in which a certain excess of skill or prestige prompts a human being to try to pass on to another something of his competence – in knowledge, feeling, purpose, or action. Pupils declare that they prefer teachers who conform to something like the following pattern: Most of this, it will be noted, is in terms of what good teachers do and say. The standard of competence required from professional teachers may vary from country to country and its content may be differently interpreted in different social settings. Pupils prefer teachers who treat them in friendly fashion. Teachers who permit initiative and cooperativeness evoke satisfactory reactions from their pupils. The good teacher was one who, participating in the concerns of the community, understood the social relevance of the curriculum – one whose projects were therefore related to the frequency of similar activities in the adult life in which pupils might later be expected to participate.