chapter  XIII
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The Assessment of Personality and The Keeping of Records

In the study of personality certain of the same issues are involved as in the appraisal of intelligence or the estimation of attainment; and the same variety of types of definition may be noted. The word personality can be distinguished from other words such as character, disposition, temperament, and intelligence, which are also applicable to human beings as they function. Most of the methods used for the assessment of personality carry within them an admission of this social entanglement. A similar exaggeration of the fixity, independence, and personal attachment of attributes may be discerned in many earlier discussions of the results of the study of personality. Teachers who are wise in their collection of anecdotal records from day to day are led both to unexpected discoveries of the interest and the uniqueness of their pupils and to the delights of novel experimentation into means by which the deviating ones may be reached and held.