chapter  XIV
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Self-Observation and The Study of Groups

Mention has already been made of the work of K. Lewin and of H. H. Anderson in their combining of the anthropological recording of behaviour with experimental modification of the 'climate' of the classroom as that is affected by the teacher's 'classroom personality'. Other developments of this type of recording are exemplified in W. G. A. Rudd's analytic observation of pupils under categories such as problem-solving, social contributions, responses to questions, lending or borrowing equipment, damaging equipment, and the like. Considerable interest also attaches to a series of investigations sponsored by Harvard University Laboratory of Social Relations. Not all teachers have the opportunity of subjecting their classroom procedures to the analytic study of one who is expert in the recording of the 'inter-action process'. Words may encourage the expectation of success or promote a fear of failure. The interpretation in terms of needs is never a soft gospel offered in condonement of backsliding either in conduct or in learning.