chapter  XV
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Experimentation and Educational Research

A delight in doing something not done before is contributory to the fascination which teaching exercises upon both young and old. Experimentation within schools is an extension of this personal delight. Experimentation in schools is to be distinguished from educational research in which deliberate attention is given to the verifying of hypotheses or the testing of the significance of observable changes. The story of educational research, like the history of psychology, is the record of the changes in these procedures which have followed upon increases in technical skill and upon expansion of the range of the topics studied. The techniques of research were first applied in laboratories to human beings brought there for the specific purpose of a research worker. Similar carefulness of design and similar indebtedness to the work of J. L. Moreno may be traced in another series of studies in which experimental changes or 'action' of greater or lesser complexity were super-added to questionnaires and observational records.