chapter  3
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Another recent reported breach occurred to NCH Healthcare Systems that operates two (2) hospitals in Naples, FL. Apparently, data was taken from two (2) computer servers located in a data center in Kansas City, MO. Medical records were involved including an employee and staff credentialing database (Olenick, 2016). 21st Century Oncology Holdings, a cancer treatment provider, notified 2.2 million patients and employees that their personal information such as names, Social Security numbers, diagnosis, and insurance records were compromised by a cyberattack. This provider was asked to delay notification until an investigation was completed and is offering three

(3) years of credit monitoring to those that were affected (Osborne, 2016). Premier Healthcare, LLC, a multi-specialty healthcare group in  Bloomington, Indiana, reported a theft of a laptop containing approximately 205,748 records, of which, 1,769 records contained Social Security numbers or other financial information. Even though the laptop was password protected, it was not encrypted (Slavin, 2016).