chapter  9
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Defence Beyond Design: Towards A New Paradigm

This chapter premises on the assumption that nuclear energy cannot be discarded, argues for a better management paradigm by venturing beyond the design basis threats and responses processes. Post-Fukushima the nuclear energy discourse stands at a crossroads. Issues of security, safety, fuel cycle, non-proliferation, and economic impediments remain contentious, and may become more troublesome in the years ahead unless out-of-the-box innovations are devised and applied. With an out-of-the-box thinking on both technology innovation and conceptual paradigms, the chapter identifies some conceptual issue areas where the concerned authorities must look beyond the conventional Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The nuclear safety-security discourse is mainly based on the principle of 'defence-in-depth' and 'defence-by-design' where high level safety features are built-in during the design phase of the plant and also utmost care is ensured for the safe-keeping of materials and technology from the cradle to the grave.