chapter  5
Design and Practice
WithHarry Daniels, Andrew Stables, Hau Ming Tse, Sarah Cox
Pages 30

Architecture is a deeply social practice, but in contemporary architecture, the social dimension of design and analysis is often absent. The delivery architects designed innovative open-plan spaces that aimed to facilitate different styles of learning in line with the educational vision. Financial pressures on design and construction projects often involve ‘value engineering’ in which designs are substantially changed to meet budgetary requirements at different points in the construction process. Different patterns of collaboration during value engineering processes can lead to very different outcomes. Where object motives of time and budget held by contractors prevail, then occupiers may be very dissatisfied with outcomes. The suitability of the building for schools’ pedagogic practices as they change through time will be determined by the building’s potential to adapt to the school’s changing spatial needs and the school understands of the building’s design principles.