chapter  8
What Matters about Design?
WithHarry Daniels, Andrew Stables, Hau Ming Tse, Sarah Cox
Pages 20

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book illustrates the radical shifts in demand that can take place with change of headteacher. It discusses the development of a methodology for systematically analysing the relationship of school space to the experiences of students, teachers and parents. There have been significant demographic changes with a rise in the demand for school places and changes in ethnic mix. The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) schools were designed to promote more flexible and personalised teaching and learning. The BSF schools were built to be strongly outward-facing, allowing the external community relatively free access and generally breaking down the barriers between school and broader community. A school design that can enhance social relations is, in the most important single respect, a good school design, since social relations cover areas as basic as teaching and learning, personal security and well-being, and peer relations.