chapter  5
21 Pages

Fundamentals of wireless networks

WithMatthew N. O. Sadiku

Wireless communications is one of the fastest growing fields in engineering. Wireless communication works on the same set of fundamental principles, whether it is computer nodes on a local area networks or the common cordless telephone. This chapter examines those common fundamentals, discussing the basic concepts of analog and digital mobile, wireless, and personal communications systems (PCSs). It begins with a brief history of wireless communication, which should help the reader appreciate the tremendous impact wireless communication will have on the way people live for the next several decades. The chapter then discusses some fundamental concepts in wireless communication systems such as wave propagation, modulation schemes, and multiple access techniques. The major factors that affect the design and performance of wireless networks are the characteristics of radio or electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation over the geographical area. The chapter presents the complementary standpoints by discussing theoretical factors affecting wave propagation and the semi-empirical rules allowing handy engineering calculations.