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WithJohn Burke

In December 2016, in his New Year's message to the people of Cyprus, President Anastasiades reflected on the future of the 'Cyprus Problem'. As a former colonial ruler, a post-colonial Guarantor and a prominent neo-colonial figure on the island, Cyprus has long been 'one of our problems'. It is also one which, for a variety of geo-strategic reasons, the British have never fully been able to remove themselves from. It is, in effect, a form of colonial culmination rooted around the idea that a Cyprus divided is a Cyprus controlled. One which, despite lacking any form of direct historical evidence in 1974, is inherently plausible when one considers the modern history of Cyprus in a broader context. As long as the consequences of conflict continue to resonate so strongly, and all Greek Cypriots are told to 'never forget' them, the British role in causing this division will continue to feature prominently in its remembrance and representation.