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This chapter describes the essentials of the Athlete Apperception Technique (AAT). It discusses the reasons why the AAT can benefit sport and exercise psychologists irrespective of their theoretical orientations. The chapter outlines key points of consideration when using the AAT. The significance of this manual is the development and dissemination of a projective assessment tool specifically for use within sport and exercise settings. The AAT was conceptualised as a derivative of the Thematic Apperception Technique (TAT). The AAT was developed with the applied sport and exercise psychologist in mind. The authors have all spent considerable time in providing applied sport psychology services to recreational, sub-elite, and elite/professional athletes across a wide spectrum of sports. In working with clients, we are particularly drawn to the concept of client and therapist journeying together much like traveller and guide. The experienced guide will assess the goals and fitness of the traveller (akin to therapeutic intake and assessment) at the outset.