chapter  2
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Development of the Athlete Apperception Technique 1

This chapter presents few sequential studies by reporting on the stages of developing the Athlete Apperception Technique (AAT) from conceptualisation to completion (a workable projective image set). It reviews the key features and methods of projective methods and techniques in general and the Thematic Apperception Technique (TAT) in particular. The chapter discusses the relevance and use of apperception techniques in sport. It outlines the processes used to identify potentially suitable images for use in the final AAT image set. The chapter describes the use of expert assessments of images to further reduce the number of potentially suitable images. It describes the final step and the refinement to a set of images, a set of supplementary images, and a set of images for use with children. Thoughtful analysis and interpretation of AAT responses may provide an in-depth and idiographic understanding of athletes' characteristics, motivations, and anxieties, as well as assisting in the assessment of personality features.