chapter  3
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Properties of the AAT, AAT-S, and AAT-C images

Interpretation and analysis of verbal and written stories have taken many forms since the 1940s. A number of projective test experts (e.g., Bellak, Holt, Lindzey, Murstein, Rabin) have introduced interpretive methods that can be used with both established and recently developed projective techniques. In Chapter 5, we discuss several methods that can be used to interpret and “score” client responses to individual images, as well as themes across an image set. We have included below the basic interpretive method we used to analyse and, ultimately, determine the “best” images for use in the AAT, the AAT-S, and the AAT-C. As previously discussed, we prefer to promote the AAT as an adjunct clinical technique for tapping sport psychology themes and issues rather than a test or inventory.