chapter  4
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Administration procedures for the AAT, AAT-S, and AAT-C

This chapter describes the instructions for clients and the various administration formats for the Athlete Apperception Technique (AAT) including individual (one-on-one) testing, group administration, and a take-home version. It includes a response booklet, instructions, and image worksheets. The single most important consideration in AAT administration is providing an atmosphere where the person feels relaxed and comfortable enough to respond spontaneously. In the administration of the AAT-C, general issues and problems of child/adolescent testing must be taken into account. The AAT-C is especially suited to for use with older children and adolescents, but not young children. During and following the administration of images, one of the most important roles of the practitioner is to interpret responses. One final consideration for administration and interpretation relates to using the AAT cross-culturally where the psychologist and the athlete-client come from different cultural backgrounds.