chapter  Chapter 14
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Authentication and Traceability of Wine

ByJaved Ahamad, Javed Ahmad, Nehal Mohsin, Naiyer Shahzad

Wine control is traditionally and strongly associated with the proof of authenticity. Wine authenticity is very important, especially in case of quality control and consumer information. Since wine quality is dependent on the consumer demands, compliance with traceability provisions satisfies the associated economic needs. Traceability in the wine industry has an important role in the quality assurance management system. Grape growers are responsible for the production, harvest, and delivery of grapes. Wine producers are responsible for the production, manufacture, and/or blending of wine products. There are a variety of techniques and processes of wine-making, authorized or used fraudulently, altering appreciably the compositional and sensorial wine parameters. This aspect of authenticity has a particular relevance to special wines like the sparkling wine, the oxidative wines. Investigation of mineral elements in wine is the main procedure to authenticate the geographical origins of wines.