chapter  Chapter 3
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NMR Spectroscopy

BySpyros Apostolos

This chapter discusses the applicability of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique in food analysis. NMR spectroscopy is a powerful spectroscopic tool for the qualitative and quantitative analysis and characterization of molecules of every type and size. NMR spectroscopy can provide both the metabolomic profiles and the spectroscopic fingerprints of food and thus has been employed very efficiently in food authentication and traceability studies. Food degradation, processing, conservation, and cooking are procedures that alter, in small or big ways, the chemical composition of foods, and thus it was the first area to be exploited by analytical NMR spectroscopy. Liquid state high resolution NMR is also widely applied for the metabolite analysis of food extracts. One way to obviate the difficulties in quantifying food micro-components by NMR is to skip the quantification part altogether and to use instead the whole NMR spectrum as the spectroscopic fingerprint of a particular food sample.