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Lessons out of school

WithJoseph Rykwert

This chapter presents the experience of the author during his school days. The author learnt the blessings for all occasions, how to wind the phylactery on his left arm with his right hand and how to be constantly aware of the Divine presence everywhere – even in the House of the Chair. These lessons were imparted in his father's study, sitting on the Empire furniture. Out-of-school education was not just religious, therefore. There was music, for one. A piano teacher was engaged to teach the author the elements on a dummy keyboard and after one or two lessons his father asked the teacher how the author was getting on. The author was taken to concerts – he remembers the Chopin competition of 1937 dimly, though he certainly attended some sessions. Opera was more momentous. The author's father managed to combine his melomania with his Anglophilia in an enthusiasm for Gilbert and Sullivan, though the performances of the 1930s.