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WithJoseph Rykwert

In this chapter author recollects the memories of his life. It was 1949, and the International Congress(es) of Modern Architecture (CIAM) would be holding its next – seventh– congress in Bergamo, which coincided with the trip, and so would provide a perfect opportunity to meet some of the heroes. The author rejoined John Turner, as it was time to embark on work for the projected book. The sessions of the congress were held and its exhibitions set out in the open hall of the Palazzo della Ragione, as well as the salons of the Palazzo Nuovo, though many of the discussions went on in the cafes in and between them. The daily excitement, all that effervescence, put the author in a state of constant intoxication. Still, his real job was not attending CIAM, but getting to know the Italian architects of the time and getting round their work and their ideas in preparation for the proposed book.