chapter  4
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The Negotiation

When you begin the actual negotiation, there is one central question you must ask yourself: Is this an ongoing relationship? That is, is this someone or some group with whom you will be--or hope to be----negotiating again? If so, all the following rules apply. If not, if this is a one-shot deal, a stand-alone negotiation, go for broke. Still keep in mind all the points about the stuff of negotiations, but as far as any of the relationship building is concerned, not to worry. It is very rare that you have this kind of a case. This is a bit of an overstatement, but mostly true. If you're not concerned about building any kind of relationship, grab for all the gusto you can gain. However, in most cases, where you have to live to negotiate and do business again and again, take great care to build the relationship and to heed the points that follow.