chapter  1
Introduction to Global Concepts
ByBecky Hunt
Pages 14

Concepts are abstract and broad so they are easy to apply to almost any subject and topic one may be teaching. Creating a Global Classroom Environment immerses children in culture the moment they step inside their classroom door. When students see a multicultural focus they will start to become curious about the world. Creating a display of dolls, carved wooden statues, money, toys, and whatever other treasures one has will make a fun, hands-on activity center in the classroom. Many people have material, clothes, shawls, books, artifacts, and souvenirs that they have collected and want to get out of their closets. Children feel comfortable sharing when they are on the carpet or sitting in a circle with their classmates. Introducing the concepts using concept cards, shared reading selections, discussions, games, and activities calls for a more personal setting. Read Aloud stories are a powerful way for children to learn about each Global Concept.