chapter  4
Who We Are and How We Live in the World
ByBecky Hunt
Pages 38

Countries around the world are seeing changes in their culture as people relocate to countries that are not their homeland. Culture is the umbrella that covers all of the Global Concepts. Without an understanding of culture it is impossible to understand the world. Folktales from around the world, as well as modern-day stories from other countries, are a wonderful way to introduce culture through shared reading and writing activities. School trips are fun for students and can provide valuable learning experiences. A field trip to a restaurant is a great way to learn about the food they eat, how it is prepared, and even how it is eaten. Every culture observes special traditions during the holidays. Teaching children about culture begins with a look at their own culture. For older students, a bibliography of good books from different cultures around the world is included to give teachers a wide variety of stories to choose from, along with extension activities.